Simple & Durable

FreshGloves uses a simple transparent silicone coating to protect your equipment.  This coating is applied by your local licensed FreshGloves Dealer.  The treatment is inexpensive and durable.  You simply bring your clean, dry equipment to your local FreshGloves Dealer and within 72 hours you will have your equipment back and ready to use, with all the new benefits of FreshGloves working for you.

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Sports Equipment

FreshGloves works on equipment regularly exposed to sweaty, messy hardworking athletes.  Our simple transparent odorless formula provides lasting protection.  The low cost and durability of FreshGloves makes it a great option for many sports.  FreshGloves is professionally applied and lasts up to a year.  Contact your local dealer today.

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Dealerships Available

Our introductory pricing of only $1500 and our 100% money back guarantee makes the FreshGloves business simple and affordable.  Do you coach a team?  Are you the go-to guy for your pick-up league?  Do you organize tournaments?  Or are you just a well connected hockey-Mom looking for a nice part-time income.  Contact us today.

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FreshGloves is Simple Durable Protection for Your Equipment

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